We're a family owned business. We started Sixth Sense Escape Games early 2015 and opened in Dec. 2015 as part of a transition from our previous careers. My wife taught 4th grade in Edmond for 10 years and I have had a small construction business most of my adult life. I am also a Licensed Home Inspector. We have years of experience and knowledge in the gaming industry, including Escape Rooms. We design and build all of our games. We love puzzles and challenges. Our favorite thing to do is play Board/card games with friends and family. We also have a 4yr old little girl.
    A big part of our life is helping people. We have served many others and our community in many ways. We will continue to do that through this business. We also intend to have a welcome, friendly atmosphere here. We don’t just see you as a “customer” but as people. We’ve also become friends with many of our customers! We are 100% involved and working on site to make sure you have a great experience!