To get the best gaming experience please look at the difficulty ratings for our escape games.

Difficulty- 7/10


DO NOT MISS THIS GAME JUST BECAUSE IT’S NOT DECEMBER! It’s one of our best, super fun, and very challenging.

NOTE: This is not a “kiddie game”. Our games are designed for adults, but this is also the best game of our 4 for kids under 18 to play.

3-8 players



A unique experience where your team starts in 2 prison cells side by side with a door in between. You need find out who set you up, but also get all team members together before you can escape!

3-6 players



Lots of Surprises, exciting props and puzzles in a casino themed room. Can you get the money back to it's rightful owner!?

3-8 players



This game requires at least 3 adults and not recommended for new/inexperienced players. Also, if it’s your first experience here, best to play one of our other games first before this one.

3-8 players